Prestigious Representativeness

Searching for a decorative aesthetic language, while respecting functionality and customization

Irrepressible Creativity

An irrepressible creativity that becomes “flavour” in a tangle of emotions and taste

Captivating Atmospheres

The identity of a space is constituted by a multiplicity of elements going beyond the single component of furniture.



Creating Continuity

Furnishing is not just positioning furniture into the space, but it is mainly a combination of various elements, searching for a global involvement of the environment. Consequently, architectural surface, that are “dressed” and combined with the furniture become protagonists through the articulation of materials, textures and colour combinations. The kitchen space is an open volume that becomes “room”.

A highly functional area in which technical components are shielded by special sliding doors. An open space that can interact with the living area while maintaining continuity of form and style through a sophisticated play of colour and material.

Behind The Surface

The functional heart of the kitchen emerges from the elegant surfaces.

Thin bright lines define volumes, enhance the surface, in a play of light and shadow, that generates sophisticated atmosphere. The light is used as a part of the scenery as well as a functional element. Geometric volumes define the container-functions, highlighted by leather insets, that mark the horizontal or vertical direction. The formal rigour highlights the vibrant surfaces in lacquered pearl; the preciousness of materials and the attention to details are signs of refined personality.



Aesthetics Of The Particularity

The extreme attention to the details allows you to combine in the most effective way aesthetic excellence with the use of technical devices, such as the extensions of the table and the coplanar opening of the doors of the sideboard. The desire of uniqueness can go even beyond a piece of furniture. Not only in the combinations of materials, finishes, colours, handles, lights… but also in personalization of accessories, such as complete tableware, kitchenware with initials, objects in general. Every detail contributes to emphasize the entire setting in a homogeneity of style. The functions of cooking by creating an “island” that becomes the fulcrum around which the living space articulates; the functional elements, such as the ovens, the fridge… are placed into a single cabinet with retractable doors, freeing the living space of the permanent presence of technical components. The movement of the large plan defines different functional areas, such as light lunch, snack, and working place

The inclusion of the hood concealed in the plan, in case you don’t want to put it on the ceiling, highlights the spatial continuity with the living area. Searching for a decorative aesthetic language, while respecting functionality and customization. The vibrations of the Astral White finish,

with the particular arrangement of horizontal foil in continuity with the compositional setting, the sophisticated combinations between the leather surface and the original glass finishing, the formal characterization of the handle are distinctive signs of identity.

 " Timeless style"

Prestigious kitchen spaces that reflect the fundamental characteristics of Altlantique Collection in which materials, finishing and accessories keep alive the dialogue between furniture components. Florence Collections is constantly searching for a “global” furnishing, with the same stylistic matrix, in order to live your home space as a formal continuum and not as a sequence of individual rooms.