Wardrobe 2 - Bauli

Exclusive spaces where to live.

Florence Collections, to imprint a distinctive character to the different wadrobe spaces. Not a simple container for clothes, but a functional and prestigious “space”, which becomes an essential element characterizing the night area, with different forms and styles to give ample space to refined creativities and evocative emotions. The strong formal identity, the particular productive process, the executive knowledge allow to customize the various products, which become the components of a “global furnishing” project.

Florence Collections, always new emotions by interpreting culture, tradition and style, a completely Italian knowledge creating exclusive spaces where to live.

I Bauli

An original container to “hold” and “show”. The multiple possibilities of “dress up” the external part, the versatile inner equipments make this container capable to assume specific functions or to express a passion, becoming a unique and personal “treasure chest”, symbol of a proper identity and history, capable to enhance the space with character and creativity.