Sophisticated and elegant design solutions creating bright atmospheres which are comfortable as well as prestigious.


Luxury furniture, created to organize and customize your wardrobe, according to your needs and personal aesthetic taste.


In the furniture components sophisticated design solutions combine aesthetic quality and functionality.



Unlimited Creativity And Style

A wardrobe space where personality and prestige become the dominant notes. A careful and harmonic arrangement of each functional space, a formal and evocative research for decorative elements and lighting, the refined combinations between materials and finishes allow to create a wardrobe which answers to specific needs and expresses the character of the person who uses it. Specific compartments for the articles of clothing answering practical and functional needs and minutely studied also in terms of aesthetics, an architectural ability which expresses research and love for a well-made product.

A magnificent sliding door with glass tiles hides the “clothes hanger” compartment.

To Enhance The Character With Style And Creativity

A magnificent sliding door with glass tiles hides the “clothes hanger” compartment. An electronic control mechanism reveals its contents and allows to retrieve each piece of clothing using a customised tablet. A specific instrument which grants a greater capacity than traditional “clothes hangers” compartments and which is suitable for spaces with different dimensions.

A practicle and versatile solution which increases the capacity of the “clothes hanger” compartment and, at the same time, allows the instant view of its contents thanks to the tablet, a functional innovation by which it is possible to retrieve a single piece of clothing using its image or to view a group of clothes that belong to the same type.



Furnishing the wardrobe of your dreams

Doors, boiserie panels, seats, refined formal and design solutions allow to create a prestigious and elegant wardrobe while giving formal and stylistic continuity to the whole bedroom. Large frames, accentuated and characterized by the soft and tactile surface of leather finish, define a logical partition of the functional elements.

Refined combinations between leather surfaces and the vibrant Astral White finishing, sophisticated aesthetic solutions creating bright atmospheres, comfortable as well as prestigious.

Giving personality to your home space

The flexibility of the elements belonging to our collection allows to create diversified functional solutions.

The spaces are skillfully optimized both for female and male cloths, maintaining formal and aesthetic unitary, for those who are seeking a harmonious as well as wisely organized and elegant wardrobe. Atlantique allows to customize your wardrobe through a wide range of leather covers and finishing, inner equipments and evocative lighting elements, to make night area unique and exclusive, an expression of your individuality and lifestyle.