A living space full of distinctive elements that defines your personality.

Building the Atmosphere

Environments reserved to elite persons who love to be surrounded by precious furniture, thanks to their own sensitivity to luxury furnishing

Collecting Style

Measured lines that become notes characterizing the environment.



To distinguish yourself is a matter of style

Standing out in the urban context, in the choice of a living place full of distinctive elements, that defines your personality starting from its outside, by showing a lifestyle linked to prestige and success. These characteristics further reveal themselves in the arrangement of the interior space. The personality imprinted on the space reveals your character and expresses itself in the world around you. The space, transformed into the sign of your choices, goes along with your emotions and assumes an exclusive and specific identity that makes it unique.

Moulding the interior according to your tastes and your necessity. From the most formal and representative requirements to the most functional needs related to daily activities: everything finds its right equilibrium, maintaining a strong aesthetic connotation.

Harmonies and counterpoints: a play of materials

The refined research for materials, finishing, colour and decorative combinations characterizes the essential lines of the various pieces of furniture.

Lovers of beauty seek balance in the pleasure of all senses. Tasting some wine, that reveals little by little the characteristics of its structure, is like the sensation that you feel by stroking with eyes the rich texture of surfaces with their endless nuances of emotions. Exhibiting a passion becomes an opportunity to create an elegant space full of charm which makes you feel comfortable, where to share with friends and family the interest and enthusiasm for an ancient and prestigious activity such as collecting wine. The cosy and measured shapes of wine tasting counter show a skilful articulation of materials whose differentiated surfaces highlight the aesthetic refinement.



Reflections of Uniqueness

Refined designs, sophisticated combination of styles and materials are distinguishing features of Florence Collections; where the furniture elements turn into environment and the environment turns into furniture, in a balanced relationship of mutual combinations for an exclusive identity. Precious aesthetic and functional details enrich the essential form of the bar by giving it sophisticated elegance, such as printed leather surfaces with their refined vibration and the glass top for an effective and practical preparation of cocktails. The consistent design of the various furniture elements reflects in the flexibility with which you can answer very specific requirements, such as those related to collecting. The exposure of these precious objects becomes a personal “aesthetic core” expanding to the whole environment and highlighting it.

The compositional versatility of built-in cabinets of the “wall-furniture”, which combines the personal needs for content and space, is accompanied by a formal rigor enhanced by the contrast of materials. The leather finishing and the mirror surfaces are enhanced by the lighting, that gives an elegant and sophisticated dynamism to the environment.

Elegant ties of texture and colours harmonize the soft lines of the table with the original shapes of the chairs with swallow-tail legs. The sophisticated articulation of shiny and opaque materials is enhanced by the combination with the ceramic chandelier that enriches the space with light vibrations.

"Collecting Style"

Measured lines, highlights in chromed steel, touches of colour turn the cabinet display of collectibles a valuable “core”, which becomes, with its particular design, a characteristic feature of the environment.



Creative Materials

Light material and colour ties enhance the combination versatiliy of the various items and allow a flexible and harmonious articulation, allow to imprint their own distinctive character by giving space to creativity and emotion. The compositional structure and the material variation of the boiserie promote the ideal integration of an independent and particular element like the wine cabinet, whose formal and colour characterization is enhanced in a harmonious composition play. The high-quality processing of printed leather makes the surface of the large sliding doors vibrant, giving character and sophisticated elegance to all the geometric parts of the wall TV stand.

The insertions of materials in the large glass surfaces of the cabinet almost become “cameos” that emphasize and enhance the pure transparency. A balance of formal lightness and constructive knowledge to make the content protagonist.

Building the Atmosphere

The furniture pieces can be combined with a wide range of accessories, wall panels, lamps, rugs, curtains, offering the possibility to create an atmosphere the most corresponding to you and the most representative of your personality.

The extreme attention to the detail allows to combine in the most effective way aesthetic excellence with the use of technical devices, such as the extensions of the table and the coplanar opening of the doors of the sideboard. The desire of uniqueness can go even beyond the piece of furniture. Not only in the combinations of materials, finishes, colours, handles, lights, but also in personalization of accessories, such as complete tableware, kitchenware with initials, objects in general.