Spatial and stylistic continuity creating rooms of great prestige where each detail turns into a distinctive element.


Elegance, prestige, harmonious forms, sophisticated materials and production represent the distinctive characters of this Italian excellence within furniture industry



Personality and luxury made in Italy

Atlantique collection presents a range of products coordinated with each other and developed to create rooms where the different pieces of furniture become notes of the a unique melody. The living spaces integrate, conveying positive emotions, and differ in their functions, shapes and materials while maintaining harmonious unity, due to their same stylistic origin.

These proposals express the glam trend of Atlantique collections, characterized by black&white elements, matching with rarefied, elegant contexts.

Harmonious luminescences for living room

Everything contributes to fill the living space of the most luxurious homes with new light by proposing excellent solutions capable to make each room unique.

This wall raster stands out like a perfectly geometric jewel inlayed into a square frame and becoming itself a pure white container for art objects, decorative objects, collectors’ plates to be displayed during convivial occasions. The dining room characterized by total white style exhibits a living room table with rounded legs, alternating empty and full areas and obtaining a sense of ethereal lightness that spreads itself among the rest of the furniture.



Reflections of a unique style

The sophisticated Art Deco style carpet and the upholstered chairs with their elegant back complete the composition, while the refined foor lamp and the evocative pendant with three crystal circles assure the right balance of lights. The strong stylistic traits of the modular sofa become the main motif of this living room and interact with the dining area through material and decorative links obtaining continuity between the spaces, but at the same time marking different functional areas with originality and refinement.

Continuity between spaces and forms is the main trait of Atlantique to create rooms of high prestige where each single detail becomes distinctive element.

The two and three seater sofas are decorated with excellent arabesques and connected to each other by a table that constitutes their corner.

 "Luxury of leather"

The Art Deco style carpet offers a magnificent colour contrast thanks to its iridescent weaves and to the colour that matches the other finishes of the sofa and the coffee tables. In the background, the solid wood dining table, with its central engraved glass inset, remarkably completes this solution for the most exclusive living space.