An intimate and protective space which is the centre of a refined, evocative night area.


Furniture design solutions and new generation surfaces characterized by luxury and aesthetic excellence



Living into scenographies

Living in comfortable rooms of high prestige, where each little detail has been carefully developed to offer the guest unusual and unique atmospheres. Taking the distance from impersonal and anonymous bedrooms that can be often found during business or pleasure travels.

Atlantique is a flexible and articulate collection that allows to create different environments by offering the designer all of the elements which constitute a room furniture.

Personality of a space

Atlantique wardrobe is not a mere container for clothing, but a functional “space”, that becomes integral and distinguishing part

of night area, making it more and more complete and exclusive. The sophisticated combinations between leather surfaces and silver-white vibrations of Astral White finishing compose various aesthetic solutions creating bright, comfortable atmospheres. The lacquered finishes give the surfaces a pure white colour, dedicating space and prime importance to the multifunctional vanity table which creates a corner where to dedicate time to beauty while being surrounded by your favourite books thanks to the characteristic side libraries.



A formal embrace

A continuous, fluid and sinuous line models the bed’s shape, making it a unitary element with a strong, peculiar identity. A comfortable, formal embrace, where to lay down being surrounded by soft and enveloping surfaces emphasized by precious, tactile leather. An intimate and protective space which is the centre of a refined, evocative night area. Supplying the designer with elements capable to organize the architectural space while standing out from the wall. The console becomes a separating as well as connecting element between nigh and living spaces, resuming itself different functions: vanity area, mirror, TV holder, library and container; a unique element with its harmonious form expressing stylistic traits of Atlantique collection.

The console is strongly characterized by sophisticated combinations between materials and also offers compositional flexibility to adapt to different architectural spaces and to diversified functions.

From “traditional” utilization as vanity table and mirror to “innovative” multifunctional element with a technological heart where to insert retractable TV .

 "Going beyond rules with maximum stylistic elegance"

Atlantique bedroom changes into a play of material connections which emphasize the beauty of furniture elements.