Those who love beauty seek a balanced pleasure for all the senses.


Extremely luxurious and refined compositions that allow to totally customise the furniture


In the furniture components sophisticated design solutions combine aesthetic quality and functionality.



Sober Balance Of Style

Atlantique collection presents a series of compositions which are developed according to parameters of utmost elegance and offering the opportunity to realize excellent customizations that turn every project in a true artwork and capable to answer every need. The adoption of the latest technologies gives the pieces of furniture various functional and formal characteristics that present innovative traits and make living area more liveable. Sophisticated material and colour combinations highlight the geometric structures of each single element.

The luminescence of the decorative motif that marks the seats, the crystal cascade of the chandelier, the silver surfaces of the finely worked mirrors constitute a series of compositions, characterized by sophisticated distinctive traits that embellish the room and highlight its refinement and sober balance.

Ancient impressions of style live again in a present that looks ahead

To be inspired by Art Deco stylistic rules allows to approach and interpret a world which is made of sumptuous activities, refined aptitudes, formal connections between art expression and its consequent application into reality.

Atlantique line for high-end living room presents a range of unique pieces which lend each furniture composition an inimitable character. As in the case of the billiard, that is part of a proposal including the bar counter with its stools and the adequate features, the wall unit to hold bottles and the sumptuous, exclusive billiard table for princely rooms with great charm. Above the billiard, it is possible to individuate the trendiest solutions to light up a room, such as the excellent chandeliers with glass drops that refract their light on the entire furniture, or the floor lamps with plisse fabric lampshade, distinctive element of a design that goes beyond fashions and time.



High Prestige, Strong Identity;

The great versatility of this Collection, the diversified typologies of products, the wide range of materials, the precious finishes, the refined execution of each single element become distinctive signs characterizing representative spaces with high prestige and strong identity. Atlantique, a Collection of furniture elements, where formal references to Art Deco turns into concrete proposals with sophisticated taste and intense emotion; a Collection to create settings which are recognized for their class and personal uniqueness. The introduction of the new copper foil finishing is like a channel between the vibrant surfaces of the ash wood and the soft nuances of the leather and gives birth to new and different possibilities of combining colours and characterizing rooms. Atlantique means to envelope the space in a warm, charming, original atmosphere where the sober colour gradations become the main element.

An important trait of the entire collection is the absolute complementarity between the pieces of furniture and the completeness of the supplies that satisfy each different stylistic need. In fact each furniture line contemplates a series of exclusive accessories, created ad hoc by the hands of expert craftsmen completing the offer with decorative objects, floor lamps, chandeliers, carpets.

Each setting is designed to fully answer each need without limiting to merely create the furniture, but offering an infinite range of customizations, different finishes, colours and material combinations, which are capable to complete each home interior.

 "Searching for qualitative excellence"

Each project developed by our company is the result of teamwork, analysis and continuous studies searching for perfection from both aesthetic and qualitative sides, to always offer the greatest guarantees from each point of view.



Comfortable Atmospheres

A living area with sophisticated and balanced style, where to receive guests and friends to have a lunch, a drink, or a talk. The strict forms of the elegant table, which is the fulcrum of the entire room, are lightened by the decorative motif finished with silver foil, that assures stylistic continuity with the other furniture elements. Fascinating atmospheres with a refined taste and strong identity, where to share everyday moments and particular occasions. The powerful structure of the billiard is lightened by the precious leather finishing and the luminescence of decorative motifs finished with silver foil. The boiseries, decorated with wood, glass and leather and holding the specific billiard accessories, characterize and customize the wall. The soft and sober shapes of the bar counter give a touch of sophisticated class and create an exclusive and comfortable playing area.

Nothing is more refined and prestigious than a complete furniture line based on the shades of white and gold. And so the most refined sofa is enhanced by romantic silver finishes, while its wooden base offers a precious gold solution that perfectly matches printed leather upholstery.

Elegant white & gold solutions

Atlantique collection proposes an alternative solution where it is possible to admire the coffee table, around which the other pieces of furniture rotate: the sumptuous sofa and the armchairs finished with beige full grain leather that looks extremely chic thanks to reptile print.

The TV cabinet, built into a precious golden frame, completes the setting together with the golden arabesques that cover the column and the elegant chandelier with glass drops that softly descends from the ceiling, ideally “laying down” in the centre of the most chic room that you could ever image. Settings developed to obtain the best conditions in which to relax in front of TV and characterized by strong personality and sober elegance.