An inspired production, constantly illuminated by the accurate made in Italy production


Italian furniture handmade by expert craftsmen to complete and coordinate the most sumptuous home interior


A dining room with its distinctive character and prominent elegance.



Luxury furniture for living area

Enveloping shapes and vibrant material combinations distinguish the wide sofa incorporating a library shelve in its back. The modular seats allow to functionally articulate the living space. Soft leathers, spindle glass details and silver foil finishes characterize the various pieces of furniture by giving a refined touch of identity, for prestigious and high class environments. Living area is filled with light and lightness.

The various fabric shades, while matching with exquisite workmanship leather, accentuate its soft tactility and lighten the comfortable and cosy shapes of the seats.

Charm and refinement throughout your home

The silver foil finishes, bright ribbons highlighting the furniture structure, maintain stylistic continuity between the different pieces of furniture.

Rigour and stylistic elegance make furniture and accessories belonging to Atlantique collection unique and impeccable. These furnishings are especially developed in Italy for the most elegant and prestigious settings, for those who love to live in luxurious environments with taste and extreme refinement. A series of proposals constituting Atlantique collection and created for those who love to be surrounded by exclusive and classy furniture and to distinguish themselves through the amazing flair of typically and luxurious Italian style. For those who want to give space to their own personality, choosing sophisticated and elegant furnishings.



Distinctive signs of elegance

The linear composition and the essential formal balance of the different furniture pieces allow to obtain strong customizations by elegantly matching materials and colours: crystal, leather, wood, metal emphasize each other, becoming significant elements that qualify the entire room. A dining room with its distinctive character and prominent elegance. The formal balance of each element matches the elegance of a unique style characterized by the maximum refinement. The zebra print texture covers large areas of the elegant distressed leather sofa and also recurs on the sides of the coffee table and on the frame which inlays the large TV screen like a precious jewel. The same movement returns like a sumptuous leitmotif on the cushions and on the table top to make living area more and more refined.

Atlantique collection makes it possible to decorate with taste the most elegant houses in the world, giving the chance to customize each project and to combine a wide range of coordinated accessories. The whole production distinguishes itself for qualitative excellence, for being strictly made in Italy and guaranteeing a complete solution, which is ideal for the most prestigious home.

The most charming console table occupies a room full of light and energy which strikes the eye of those who admire high-end furniture, thanks to amazing stylistic solutions giving the space a look that surprises and excites everyone.

 "Spaces reflecting new light"

The square mirror reflects the delightful and exclusive hall furniture distinguishing itself for the finely worked metal legs with rounded shapes and original stylistic solutions that perfectly integrate with the other accessories.



Classy accents reminding Art Deco

Strong formal and material connotations live again in this elegant and sober space. The shiny wooden structures, matched with soft and finely decorated leathers, the motifs and the iridescent surface of the fabrics, the metal elements; all this actualizes memories and quotes to enjoy and feel again the sophisticated taste of Art Deco atmospheres. Geometric libraries, characterized by large leather frames with spindle glass insets, and horizontal bridge-like furniture pieces articulate the wall by marking spaces corresponding to different functions. The wall, deeply customized by alternating wood and leather slats, creates chromatic contrasts that communicate with the strict volumes. “Atlantique”, a prestigious living area where precious details become distinctive elements.

The strong characterization of the sofa and the armchair is obtained through enveloping shapes highlighted by the alternation of different types of leather composing the volumes and marking their structure. The functional back with an incorporated library shelf gives this living room uniqueness while stylistic elegance of Art Deco period revives in the measured formal balance.

Perfect balance of shapes

A strong aesthetic sense dominates Atlantique living space and highlights particularly sophisticated solutions which bring out the creative design and the particular attention to details.

Finishing, with its silver reflections, emphasizes the soft and sinuous shapes that follow and complete each other while searching for a perfect formal balance. Atlantique living room is inspired by the delicate elegance of past century icons, follows their distinctive traits and recover their suggestions. A furniture line which actualizes the past, gives a new meaning to artistic and furniture conceptions belonging to that period, looking for new solutions to transmit the sense of an inspired production, constantly illuminated by the careful made in Italy production.