A constant exchange between elements with a strong personality.


Rooms offering a view on a luxurious world and creating an evocative atmosphere which is out of time



The night that fires up your dreams

Atlantique presents a catalogue which is dedicated to night magic, when sometimes dreams get an objective exchange with reality. As is the case of this prestigious furniture created to decorate luxury homes with taste and refinement. In these solutions you can find innovative and functional ideas which recall the grandeur of the early decades of the twentieth century through stylistic references. Those are the years when the reply to Art Noveau was an alternative and versatile trend involving all of the arts and inspiring essential forms as well as combinations of new materials, from the different metallic alloys to more sophisticated wood essences,

from sophisticated colour combinations to the use of highest quality leather finely processed by artisans being able to satisfy the superfine palate of the most expert connoisseurs of interior design. “Atlantique”, luxurious atmospheres creating a prestigious and exclusive night area.

Vibrant leathers to feel new emotions

The big and enveloping headboard, embellished by inserting different and sophisticated materials, becomes the fulcrum around which the other pieces of furniture join together in a continuous exchange between elements with a strong personality.

The wardrobe, conceived as a modular space, can be modified in its size, according to the individual needs, and be customized by changing the doors’ surface that is composed by square partitions and dresses up with diversified materials. Leather or glass elements make this surface vibrant, following a refined and original motif and being surrounded by the leather, or fabric, that covers the sides and frontal frame of the wardrobe. This context perfectly contains the design floor lamps, the vanity bench on which to lay underclothes before going to sleep, the luxurious leather carpets, available in different material compositions such as the pony and calf rug giving the most fascinating room a sophisticated charm.