Night rooms for strong personalities and refined lifestyles


Customized ideas and solutions for decorating night area with distinctive elements and sumptuous, inimitable Italian style



Romantic atmospheres for the night

Romantic atmospheres to live “the night” with a complete furniture and accessories series, which is exclusive and elegant. Each proposal offers the warm and comfortable feeling of leather, which is carefully processed, illuminated by refined mouldings and silver decorative elements, making the surfaces vibrate and emphasizing the shapes. An array of ideas to furnish the bedroom and the whole night area, just for strong personalities and refined lifestyles. The classic form of the headboard is marked by alternating different leathers and stylistically characterizes the bed,

which is the main element of night area. The result is a space where to be enveloped by soft surfaces and refined decorative details and expressing sophisticated taste and sober Italian elegance.

Art Deco furnishings to illuminate the night

“Luxor”, the most exclusive bed for those, who are seeking evocative furniture for luxury bedroom. The bed presents a brown full grain leather finishing, especially processed to obtain maximum softness, besides an iridescent and distressed effect plus an incomparable charm.

The refined leather headrest completes this furniture solution for night area and harmonizes with the bedside cabinets and the elegant chest of drawers, whose square shapes become soft and inviting thanks to sinuous steel handles. Expert master blacksmiths realize them for Florence Collections company belonging to Cappellini family. On the bedside cabinet, the Art Deco table lamp illuminates the silver finishes on the furniture, while the bright Swarovski crystal chandelier appears from the ceiling, giving a new and sophisticated light in the most exclusive bedroom.