Quality and taste of made in Italy furnishings


An exclusive collection of luxury furniture made to decorate your charming home with taste



Prestigious made in Italy furnishings for living room

For those who are looking for classy environments and exclusive refinement to furnish living area, Atlantique presents a collection characterized by a series of comprehensive lines to decorate luxury villas and charming rooms. The ash essence interacts with the tactile leather surface which is emphasized by mouldings and formally characterized handles polished with silver foil. Luxurious atmospheres, measured formal balance which express sophisticated taste and prestige. For decorating home with exclusive furniture, Atlantique design solutions present a refined combination of colours and materials which live again in the main features of Arts Deco as an expression of renovated taste for sophisticated environments.

Stylistic elegance, sophisticated details, precious finishes characterize every single furniture piece, giving it personality and uniqueness.

Sumptuous Art Deco style furniture

Light reflecting on the surfaces of leather sofas accentuates their soft tactility, reflecting quality and taste of made in Italy furnishings, capable of emphasizing home interiors with the most exclusive design. The wooden structure of the important Art Deco style table for living room accentuates its elegant shapes through chromatic contrasts.

An original, charming, rectangular table, thanks to the strict geometries which are focused on black shades, interrupted by the silver profile characterizing their structure and by the solid wood top featuring an elegant glass inset. Art Deco style takes its name from the exhibition “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (The International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts) which was held in 1925 in Paris, when the refined French decorations were applied to the artistic handicraft, from cabinetmaking to wrought iron, from glass to jewelry. Atlantique line presents exclusive furniture with contemporary charm, that is ideal to be placed in those spaces where stylistic echoes and refined atmospheres from the past live again in the present.



Personality and luxury made in Italy

Atlantique presents functional and elegant ideas to furnish living area, where people can welcome guests and friends in a prestigious and involving context, to spend time in pleasant company in a refined space and warm atmosphere. Art Deco furniture for living room presents capacious containers which reveal precious finishes and sophisticated opening and closing mechanisms. The soft leather surfaces interact with the bright purple nuances of the wooden frame. Vibrant surfaces, embellished with silver foil and bright chrome steel details, catalyze the light, creating spaces, where usual moments become a special occasion.

The seats stylistically and formally harmonise with the cabinets, creating elegant environments, just for those, who love a refined, not ordinary lifestyle. The formal value of mouldings and handles polished with silver foil becomes a distinctive element, while maintaining continuity across the collection.

High class rooms with an exclusive character, where the handcrafted silver foil, the transparent shellac finishes accentuate the strict shapes and the elegant proportions to create a prestigious and balanced dining room.

Hand-crafted production “realised in Italy”

All furnishings presented here are characterized by an exclusive taste and a sophisticated design, thanks to production ability of Florence Collections company, that for two generations has been realising and selling high-quality furniture, handcrafted by expert Italian cabinet-makers.