Soft and tactile leather finishes, diversified essences, characterized by vibrant contrasts between materials and colours.


Surrounding yourself with living room furniture developed to turn each space into a room expressing an excellent and inimitable Italian style



Furniture and office rooms for decorating the most elegant house

Master is a collection developed to furnish living room as well as working and representative spaces with elements matching each other, which are ideal to make part of a functional and characteristic house. High quality furniture solutions, thanks to expert craftsmen, who daily work with passion and steady diligence.

The diversified formal characterization of each element, emphasized by the combination of wood and leather, allows to project rooms with flexibility, sobriety and elegance.

Essentialy and lineary

The various types of essences and the careful production emphasize the essential volumes and linear shapes, also thanks to an accurate leather combination.

Soft and tactile leather finishes, diversified essences characterized by vibrant contrasts between materials and colours, accentuate the geometrical shapes of this furniture proposal. Master means a series of elegant proposals, capable to evoke a warm and comfortable atmosphere, to give living area a strong personality. Charm and aesthetic sense prevail in this living area, with refined solutions revealing in each component the inspired design and the accurate details.



Personality and luxury of made in Italy furniture

The nobility of the most precious wood expresses its full potential by embellishing walls and dividing spaces. The most refined living area, which contains a space to dedicate yourself to favourite readings as well as to professional activity, combines dark wood elements with leather and iridescent finishes, chosen to make furnishings harmonious and offering a warm embrace. The elegant chaise longue to relax in the living area is based on the characteristic dictates of Art Deco period, with the showy

metal structure and the peculiar leather padding, being a symbol of Italian design,

still actual with its sensual, inviting charm.

 "Style and prestige"

Another stylistic solution distinguishing the personal and prestigious style of a versatile furniture line, which is devoted to extreme aesthetic and formal perfection.