Creative Paths

Thematic catalogues by which FLORENCE COLLECTIONS wants to start a dialogue with the interior designers.

Exciting And Stylish Sceneries

FLORENCE COLLECTIONS, to imprint a distinctive character to the different rooms while allowing ample possibilities for the expression of sophisticated creativities and evocative emotions.

Harmonious Combinations And Evocative Brightness

ABITARE, an instrument for the designer to answer design requirements the best way.



To Express The Personality Of A Space

A “bifacial” wall conceived to be placed in different rooms, with its transparencies it separates and joints as if it was a wing, giving spatial continuity to the different function-areas. The versatile dimensions, the modular arrangement and the ample possibility of finishing and material combinations make this wall element an effective design

instrument which allows to amply use creativity.

Personality Of Materials

Unlimited possibilities to combine which allow to compose the “bifacial” wall in a curved or linear shape, with different heights according to the horizontal elements which are used. Empty and full spaces, brightness and consistency of the materials, an effect of transparencies, which make the wall a partition element and, at the same time, a filter between contiguous spaces.

A prestigious and representative table marks and characterizes the dining area. The formal research for curved lines, the particular mechanisms, the refined leather textures, which match with the soft and enveloping armchairs, characterize the style, the uniqueness and the sophisticated elegance of the room. The rotating central element (of the table), which can be lifted up thanks to a particular electrical mechanism, is characterized by a different material that enhances it and makes it useful for different employment possibilities.



Sophisticated Formal Researches

The formal refinement and the strong character of the high backs of the chairs invite you to sit. They which envelope us, almost creating a “barrier” made of intimacy and conviviality marking and defining the space around the table that becomes a protected and exclusive island in the living area. Soft boiserie panels covered with quilted leather envelope the wine bottle display cases, almost like protecting them; refined armchairs; elegant tables with restrained dimensions; sophisticated furnishing elements that arrange and customise the evocative and exclusive space where to “celebrate” the noble wine tasting ritual. he fireplace, a “picture” where the fire is protagonist.

The large frame finished with silver foil surrounds a compartment which presents different possibilities of combination and characterization, creating a scenographic effect on the wall.

An element with a strong identity, a design instrument which becomes, together with the important and prestigious relax armchairs, the distinctive mark of a space characterized by a sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere.

Harmony Between Matter, Colour And Light

The refined combinations of material surfaces, wood, marble, leather, mirror, silver foil… joined with light, express the high craftsmanship and the passionate research for an original distinctive “touch”.