Culture, elegance, Italian style, prestigious rooms where each element is a distinctive sign.


Furnishing is not just placing furniture into a space



Formal distinctive characters

The vertical headboard becomes distinctive element, also emphasized by the vertical development of the lateral panels which include the bedside table and the lighting element. The headboard as a “wall” involving the entire room.

White and silver shades, smooth and printed leather, strict lines and soft filling, a master formula of formal and material balance, full of personality and prestige.

The elegance of proportions

The wide and concave headboard, entirely upholstered, includes the base and the bedside tables, defining a synthesis between functionality and aesthetic elements. Sinuous lines and sober essentiality are joined together in a harmonious and refined interaction between form and matter.

Sober geometries and sophisticated traits, embellished by manufacturing processes and materials, become distinctive signs of the TV space and the vanity table. The peculiar design of the upholstered bed base creates an enveloping contour that converges in the concave and snug headboard. A bed as exclusive “centre” of the room, with its strong identity. The strict shapes of the base and the bedside table reveal a formal and visual contrast with the horizontal trend of the headboard, where the rhythmic partition of printed leather with its geometric patterns creates material vibrations. The large, circular headboard, embellished by the vibrant and bright surfaces, reveals the exclusive interaction between form and matter, that creates the identity of a room.