White, nocturnal atmospheres paint Atlantique proposals.


All the brightness of white colour to enhance bedroom and night area with sumptuous furnishings, guaranteed by the quality of made in Italy



Romantic furnishings for the most luxurious night area

An extremely refined and romantic bedroom, an atmosphere of ethereal prestige and sophisticated elegance. A combination of white vibrations, that characterizes each single furniture element; the light caresses the soft leather and the silver-white surfaces of new Astral White finishing, giving them lightness and elegance.

The sumptuous bed “Luxor” stands out in this interpretation, which is oriented towards the pure white, and resumes the best of the stylistic concept of Atlantique furniture line for night area by expressing aristocratic and sophisticated charm without ever appearing excessive.

Charm and refinement for bedroom furniture

The white, nocturnal atmospheres colour Atlantique proposals for the most evocative bedroom, inspired by elements of classic style which are resumed and actualized through materials and geometries.

The elegant boiserie with capitonné finishing stands out behind the bed headboard and constitutes another stylistic element, carefully developed to give the room an exclusive charm. The pure white vanity table is characterized by great refinement, with the bench and the rectangular mirror matching the finishing of the elegant bedside cabinets. The sumptuous four door wardrobe remarkably completes this Atlantique composition, being characterized by sophisticated engraved elements on the glass doors and illuminated by the excellent Swarovski and pearls chandelier.